[NEWS] The Look of Kim Jaejoong of “Boss” Becomes Even Sharper With Forehead Exposed

Boss JYJ Kim Jaejoong, Rises To the Throne of “Kkan-Muwon.” Reveals His Forehead and Changes the Atmosphere

Group JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong has transformed into “Kkan-Muwon.” (T/N: “Kkan” is a Korean word that signifies that one has swept his hair back to show his forehead).

Kim Jaejoong, who had his bangs covering his forehead and had put an emphasis on softness in the SBS TV drama Protect the Boss has put his bangs aside and revealed his forehead to become even sharper in look.

This was revealed through the preview that was shown around the end of the broadcast on the 17th. Cha Muwon, who is the Team Leader for Business Strategy Unit Team 2 and the Director of the Headquarters and is the cousin to Cha Jihun who is the son of the DN Group CEO Cha, has attempted a transformation of his image and is drawing attention.

In particular, this was a transformation that was after Cha Jihun has surprise-kissed Noh Eunsul and Cha Muwon had surprise-kissed Seo Nayun who has feelings for Cha Jihun, and so there is even more attention gathering for the story forward.

At this, netizens responded as follows: “Kkan-Muwon is also good-looking.” “Another image from the director of headquarters?” “Seems that he looks younger with his hair back.” “Is it that there has been a change of his heart?” “I am looking forward to the upcoming story even more.”

Source: ENews24
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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